Our Philosophy


In Nemea Wine Cooperative, Management, Employees & Partners we work towards a common vision.


“The preservation of tradition and the dissemination of Agiorgitikos, which is an integral part of the cultural heritage of the place. This is achieved through the high quality of the final product, anticipating and aiming for the satisfaction of every consumer wherever in the world they try it.”

The satisfaction of each consumer, always guided by the Quality-Price relationship, will bring the greatest return for our cooperating customers and shareholders. Essentially the Cooperative will enter a recurring positive growth cycle dragging all Customers, Suppliers & Shareholders along with it.




We make decisions based on merit-based criteria and apply transparent procedures. We always act ethically and legally towards Public Services, Customers, Suppliers.

Respect for the environment

We are environmentally and socially sensitive and do not take actions that may burden the environment directly or indirectly.


To be able to ensure the long-term prosperity of the business, we strictly apply the highest quality standards in terms of products, customer service, production process and human resources.

Customer service

Immediate and reliable customer service is considered self-evident and is a point of reference for all the daily actions and processes of our company. Our customers - consumers are the "asset" of our businesses.

Profitability – Return to Shareholders

One of our main goals is to create maximum value for shareholders through increasing sales, controlling operating costs, improving profit margins.


We accept the diversity of our colleagues and partners and work with respect for them in the work we do. Our success depends on our people – how they are selected, how they are developed, how they are rewarded, but also how well they work together as members of an effective team.


The Nemea Wine Cooperative is made up of a 7-member Board of Directors elected by the General Assembly of Partners for a 4-year term. The staff numbers according to the season. In high sales and harvest season where support staff is needed, needs are met with seasonals.

The permanent staff in recent years numbers around 18 people with the potential reaching 30 together with the seasonal ones in the above periods.

This Board of Directors consists of the following:

The Administrative team of the Cooperative consists of: