The Nemea wine-growing zone is the largest OPAP red wine production zone in Greece. It starts from an altitude of 200m. and reaches up to 850 m. The large differences in altitude differentiate the ripening process of the grapes as well as their Dynamic Alcoholic Title. The climate of the zone is characterized by semi-arid to humid with an average annual temperature of 17°C and an average annual rainfall of 750 mm. The viticultural partners cultivate 7,000 acres.

The zone included 17 Municipal departments as listed below alphabetically:

1. Nightingales
2. Ancient Cleones
3. Ancient Nemea
4. Asprocampus
5. Galatas
6. Laurel
7. Kastraki
8. Carcass
9. Leontius
10. Bozika
11. Nemea
12. Petri
13. Titan
14. Fish
15. Naked
16. Capital
17. Malandreni

The variety that is mainly cultivated in the NEMEA area is Agiorgitiko, also known as “Black” Nemea.